April 1st, 2024

🔋 Relaxed & Recharged!

This Easter weekend fell on my full weekend off work and I was very much looking forward to making the most of the two days off to relax and recharge the batteries — ready for a possible gruelling eight-week period which could see me working six days a week.

To my surprise, I was reminded by a colleague Good Friday (My Birthday return this year) and Easter Monday were Lieu Days and days off work!! Great! An extended Easter weekend with four days off work!

Spent some valuable one-on-one time with the kids but the best of all was having burgers and homemade chips with everyone present on the evening of my Birthday. Words cannot describe how much I love the simplicity of such moments. The presence, is all that matters, to me. 

Overall, it has been a great extended weekend off work. I’ve made the most of it — Slept well, relaxed well, and feeling recharged. 

Loved and appreciated every single moment of this ‘free time’.